Dizziness and Balance Disorders

Dr. Charles is specially trained in methods of diagnosis and treatment for centrally maintained balance disorders. With his board certification in neurology and hundreds of hours of training in neurological conditions like vertigo, dizzy and balance disorders, Dr. Charles uniquely qualified to help you.

Symptoms of Dizziness and Balance Problems:

• spinning

• unsteady

• light headed

• floating

• foggy

• disoriented

• drunk feeling

Causes of Dizziness and Balance Problems:

The first step to eliminating the symptoms is finding the cause. Dizziness and balance problems can be caused by medications, ear problems, cardiovasculature problems or central nervous system problems. Sadly 50% of patients who visit their doctor get no diagnosis for why they are dizzy, yet 70% get a prescription. It takes an expert to evaluate these conditions and that is why you should choose Dr. Charles.

Dr. Charles has been trained specifically in diagnosis and care for these vestibular conditions by the Carrick Institute. He has the expertise to evaluate your condition, make appropriate recommendations and get you on your way to feeling better again.