Accidents and Injuries


Dr. Charles has the expertise to help you with your injuries. He has advanced certifications in whiplash, spinal trauma, accident reconstruction and impairment rating. He has helped thousands of people recover from pain and injury. Whether your conditions is from an automobile accident, sports injury, lifting, slips and falls, or other trauma, Dr. Charles can help you to achieve results that last.

Experience and Expertise:

When you are hurt you want relief and a fast recovery. The best way to achieve that is go to an expert with loads of experience. Dr. Charles is that expert, he has the training and the experience to help you. Here’s just a partial list of his advanced training that can help you towards the best recovery possible from your injury:

-National University of Health Sciences Graduate

-Board Certified by the American Chiropractic Neurology Board

-Certified by International Chiropractic Association in Spinal Trauma

-Trained in impairment rating

Hundreds of hours of training in post graduate neurology

Hundreds of hours of training in post graduate orthopedics

The 3 Stages of Healing:

There are three phases of healing after an injury. The first phase is called the inflammation phase. During this phase the goal is to lower inflammation and protect the injured area from further damage.

The second phase is the repair phase. This is where body “glues” the tissues back together with collagen. The problem is that this collagen isn’t as good as the original tissue. It is less elastic and less strong. That’s why it is easy to re injure yourself if you have incomplete healing.

The way to overcome this is to get these tissues to heal loose during this second phase so that the new tissue can simulate flexibility and then improve it’s architecture during the third phase (called the remodeling phase) so that it maximizes its possible strength.

If you skip a step you increase your chances of re-injury as well as increasing your chances of having chronic pain from your injury.

If You Have Been in an Accident:

It is important to get checked whether you have pain or not. The reason is that in some cases, pain may not show up for several days or weeks after an injury and by that time permenant damage can occur. This could leave you with a life time of pain or disablity.

In a study by Tapio Videman, it was found that abnormal joint movement (like what can occur after an accident) can cause damage to cartilidge in just a few days. After a week of that abnormal joint movement, injury to bone occurs. By two weeks that damage can become permanent.

So remember to get checked before your problem becomes permanent.

If You Have Hurt Yourself on the Job:

It is important that you report it to your employer immediately. Maryland law allows you to select the care provider. You deserve to have a qualified expert like Dr. Charles examine and treat you. You and your employer can be assured of a thorough examination, complete documentation along with the expertise to help you recover as fast as possible when you choose Dr. Charles.