Body Care

There are innumerable reasons to appreciate your body. Easier said than done! But the earlier you learn to care for yourself, the more precious time, energy and patience you will conserve. Your body is a wonderland that needs constant maintenance because of all the junk food you’ve consumed.

Care for the body is one of the most important things you need to attend to. It is not a difficult job, but it requires your attention. The human body is an incredibly complex and intricate system of cells, tissue and organ playing a central role in keeping you alive! What is essential in healthy living, not just survival? Exercising makes the heart stronger, strengthens the bones and helps you breathe better. Following a proper diet helps to transform and re-shap your body.

Body Care Tips:

Steam bath with essential oils opens the pores and moisturizes the body.

Alpha therapy uses sound and light waves to de-stress bodily pains.

Mud packs are heavenly when it comes to relaxation and keeping your body rejuvenated and removing toxins and heavy metals.

Facials and body massages will also help in accomplishing body maintenance.

Far Infrared Heat Saunas and Heating Pads

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